Alexandria glaudé

My journey with wrestling is pretty unique and a story that never ceases to make me laugh. I grew up trying many different sports but ultimately settled with Basketball. Wrestling never crossed my radar. Truth be told, I really was not cut out for basketball seeing as I am 5'1 and have a very muscular, stocky body type. I played basketball from the 4th grade until my sophomore year of high school. I was in the high school band where I had two great friends who were on the wrestling team. My friends actively recruited me to join the wrestling team but I was quite hesitant seeing as I had never been exposed to the sport before. In efforts to get them off of my back, I told them I would join the wrestling team if I got cut from basketball (I did not actually think I would be cut). Surely enough, I was cut from the JV basketball team in my sophomore year. The next day, I went with them to meet the coach as well as their star wrestler Mallory Velte and the rest was history. Mallory was a senior at my high school when I first started wrestling and played an integral role in the start of my journey. In that first year, I lost at the state qualifying tournament in the blood rounds meaning I did not qualify to compete at State Championships. It was that loss that let me know I wanted to be good at wrestling. I finished my short high school career as a two-time state placer with both 2nd and 3rd place. In my senior year, I signed to continue my wrestling and academic career at Mckendree University.
In my time at Mckendree, Coach Sam Schmitz has really helped develop me into the wrestler I am today. I was short of success in my freshman year but that year laid the foundation for the success to come. Each year, I continued to show up and had a continuous goal in mind: be the best wrestler and best person you can be. Through my college career, I grew to become a Junior world team member, U23 world team member, U23 world bronze medalist, 2x senior national team member, 2x collegiate national champion, and Olympic trials qualifier.
I've just recently graduated from Mckendree University with a double major in Sociology and Communications as well as a minor in Ethnic Studies. I have returned to Mckendree to continue training under my college coach to pursue my Olympic goals.

Career Accomplishments

  • 2017 WCWA All American 5th place
  • 2017 4th at US Open
  • 2017 5th at Senior WTT
  • 2017 Jr. Women’s National Champion (body bar)Jr. World Team Member 
  • 2018 U23 National Champ, World Team Member 
  • 2018 US Open 3rd Place
  • 2018 3rd at Senior WTT US Senior Nat’l. Team Member
  • 2018 U23 World Bronze Medalist 
  • 2018 & 2019 NWCA National Champion (Team)
  • 2019 WTT Challenge Tournament Champion
  • 2019 WCWA National Champion at 155#
  • 2019 Bronze at Bill Farrell & Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • 2020 NCAA Collegiate National Champ at 155#
  • 2021 Pan American Champion 72KGS
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