Introducing the MyHOUSE 6 Minute Club!

We all know that there are 6 Minutes in a wrestling match, right?

Well, we are switching it up and taking that 6 Minutes of action

off the mats and giving you a chance to compete in our 

6 Minute Club Social Media Match Up!


How To Participate:


1. Make sure you are following our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Pages.

2. Keep an eye out for our Special MyHOUSE 6 Minute Club "6" on our Social Media Post and Images.

3. If you spot the MyHOUSE "6" Logo on one of our posts, you have exactly 6 minutes from us posting to Like and Comment on that post.

4. When the 6 minutes are up, we will choose at random, 1 lucky winner to be a part of our 6 Minute Club. The winner will also receive a special prize and of course bragging rights.


We will be posting randomly and weekly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Remember, make sure you are following all of our social media accounts

to increase your chances of WINNING SOME AWESOME PRIZES... you never know where or when we will post next!

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