Mallory Velte

I grew up loving all sports, and in 8th grade, I got interested in joining the school wrestling team. The coach at my middle school prohibited me from joining because he didn’t want any girls on his team, so instead, I played basketball. In high school (Christian Brothers High School) I was trying out for basketball again, and during conditioning on the track, I was roughhousing with one of the basketball girls. The wrestling coach saw this and asked me to join the team, they had one other girl on the team. I joined the team and instantly loved it, despite how grueling and tough it was. I wrestled with JV boys at duels and girls at tournaments. My sophomore year of high school I got 5th place at state, junior (2012)and senior (2013) years I won the state championships and also wrestled varsity boys at 132 lbs.
I chose to go to Simon Fraser University (Helen Maroulis was a senior when I was a freshman) where I struggled to keep up with my training partner Danielle Lappage (world medallist). I finished 4th at WCWAs and shortly after I tore my ACL at practice and had reconstruction surgery. I redshirted my sophomore year and won 3 WCWA national titles after my surgery. The injury definitely propelled my career as I then made a Jr world team, the senior national team in 2016 at 63kg, and then 2 world teams, 2017 at 63 and 2018 at 62, and another national team in 2019. In 2018 I had a peak when I finished bronze at worlds.
Other noteworthy finishes include winning Russia cup in 2017, bronze at Spanish Grand Prix in 2017 and 2018, And recently winning gold at Pan Ams in 2020.
I graduated from SFU in 2018, majoring in Psychology with minors in early learning and kinesiology. I am currently halfway through my masters of science in sport and performance psychology.

Career Accomplishments

● Second in 2016 Non-Olympic Weight World Team Trials
● Third in 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials
● 2016 Canada Cup champion
● 2016 and 2017 University Nationals champion
● Third in 2017 U.S. Open
● Fourth in 2016 U.S. Open
● 2016, 2017 and 2018  WCWA national champion
● Fifth in the 2013 Junior World Championships
● 2013 Junior World Team Member
2018 Senior World Bronze Medalist
● 2020 Pan American Championships Champion
● 2017 Russia Cup Champion
● 2X World Cup Team member

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