Terms and Conditions

MyHOUSE Sports gear wrestling apparel items are fully guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects. We also make every effort to match colors as closely as possible. Sometimes in the dying process, the shading may not be exact, so we therefore cannot guarantee a perfect color match between different fabric types.

Art Fees

Art Fees will be applied to any custom item that is not chosen from our templates. If we need to redraw a logo or create custom graphics for a fully sublimated item, a $75 art fee will be collected before any artwork is started. You may choose no more 3 short or singlet templates to be mocked up with your teams colors and logo free of charge. More than 3 will result in added fees. High quality images of team mascots and logos must be supplied to us to be used on our template designs.


All size charts are approximated; different body types need to be considered when choosing the appropriate size. The average wrestlers body was taken into consideration when creating our apparel items. Size runs are available and can be sent to team s for best fit. A credit card number is requested to send these items and will be charged if items are not returned to us by date requested.


All current prices are listed under item in our catalog. Prices are subject to change without notice. Names are numbers may b e added to apparel items for an additional charge:

Adding Name - $5.00 per item
Adding Number - $3.00 per item

*This does not include Robe Belt names / weight classes or our Coaches Polo’s.
Those items include added names in their listed price.

There is a $35.00 factory fee applied to each set of items and UPS Ground Shipping is added to each order.

Turn Around Time for all gear is approximately 4 to 5 weeks from February - October. A 6-week turnaround time can be expected for orders placed in November, December, and January.

Quantity and Package Discounts are available; please ask your sales representative what discounts may be applied to your bill.

*The Minimum order is 18 of the same item at normal cost

*There is a 10% up charge for smaller orders of 12 – 17

Method of Payment

A deposit, of no less than 50% down is needed to start the production of your order and the other 50% must be paid before the order ships to you. This applies to all check and credit Card payments. If the full amount is to be paid with a School PO we ask that you supply us with the completed PO before the order is started so that we know it has been approved for payment by the school.

*Dealers, no credit cards… we will accept checks only