The Variations of Wrestling Shoes And The Right One For You

When discussing the importance of purchasing the right wrestling gear, there are some that may consider it a waste of time. The general misconception is that all wrestling apparel is the same. Well, that’s just not the case. There is a variety of wrestling gear out there, depending on ones comfort preferences as well as their skill level. A very important piece of wrestling gear, that some may over look, are wrestling shoe. Yes, wrestling shoes. I know, a shoe might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you looking for wrestling gear.

 What you need to look for in a Wrestling Shoe:

Comparing wrestling shoes with every other shoe and calling them same is one thing that will piss your wrestling coach more than anything else. Not every shoe is same, and not every shoe is a wrestling shoe. Wrestling shoes are specially designed to support wrestlers feet and ankles while they play. The soles of these shoes are tract focused to avoid any chances of slipping for the wrestlers, which again you won’t find in every other shoe.   

 1. Traction focused soles: Most of the wrestlers fail to cope up with one similar issue and that is slip and fall due on the floors while in a match or practicing. The reason being lack of proper wrestling shoes that fail to focus on traction. So, whenever you are shopping for shoes make sure you consider traction as one of the primary evaluation factor, unless you want to fall deliberately.

 2. Go for high top ankle shoes: Normal low ankle shoes fail in protecting your ankles while your feet makes contact with your opponent’s body during the game. Most pro wrestlers go for high ankle shoes that cover their ankles which helps decrease the chance of an injury.

How many types of Wrestling Shoes are there:

Depending on the comfort level, there are two types of wrestling shoes:

  • Split sole shoes: Split soles shoes are divided into two parts and each part of the sole is made of different rubber. The advantage of these shoes is that these are more comfortable and mimics the feel of walking barefoot.
  • Non-Split soles: Non-split shoes are lighter in weight compared to split soles and are made of one single rubber. These shoes provide less flexibility to the feet restricting them to stay straight. One advantage of non-split sole shoes is that these are more durable compared to split soles.

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