7 Things You Should Know To Be A Successful Wrestler

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Do you wish to go back in time and ask your parents to let you join the wrestling, team? Don’t worry you’re not alone. There are many who wish they had pursued a wrestling career. Getting involved in wrestling builds character, strength, willpower, responsibility, mental toughness, and teaches the fundamentals of respect.

Did you know:

  • Wrestling stands at No 6 in the list of popular high school sports in the USA.
  • Considering popularity, wrestling is way ahead of cross-country, golf and swimming, to name a few.
  • 10 out of 16 current UFC champions are high school wrestling champs and former wrestlers
  • Wrestling builds determination, diligence, and perseverance… A reason why wrestlers are known for their work ethic.
  • Since 1994, the number of women who wrestle in high school nationwide has grown from 804 to over 8000
  • Since 1994, the number of women who wrestle in high school nationwide has grown from 804 to over 8000
  • Since 2002-03, the number of high school wrestlers has grown by over 30,000.

These are more than enough reasons to convince someone to give wrestling try. Let’s take it a step further and give you the 7 basic facts every wrestler or up and coming wrestler needs to know to be successful in the sport.

  1. Be consistent and don’t miss your training: Consistency displays your dedication towards the sport. This consistency and dedication not only helps you improve and grow as a better athlete but also helps you achieve success in wrestling and in life.  
  2. Don’t ignore the potential worth of your safety gear: Wrestling gear is the motive of protection. When you stay safe, you wrestle longer.
  3. Learn to follow the rules to avoid mishaps: No matter how successful you become, you should always follow the rules. Rules define how you should take on the sport. Play fair and don’t imply any unfair methods.  
  4. Induce discipline in your behavior: Discipline is what differs a professional and dedicated wrestler from an amateur. Those who correctly plan out their Pre-Season, Peak Season, and Postseason, will strive.
  5. Be passionate about fitness: Fitness will take you to higher levels of success, both in wrestling and in life. Try to stay fit and active so you can last longer in your match.
  6. Increase your mental toughness: You have to be mentally tough to stay in the game. If you stay tough mentally and maintain your physical strength, nothing can bring you down.  
  7. Respect your fellow wrestlers: Respect your fellow wrestlers and they will respect you. Respect your mates irrespective of their gender, race, ethnicity, and color. Wrestling is one of the most diverse sports in the world and provides opportunities to athletes worldwide with almost 200 nations participating.

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