Ale Romero Bonilla

When I was 12 years old, my middle school gave us the option to take wrestling as a school subject. It wasn't just wrestling, it was about the different techniques, as well as strength and conditioning for the sport. I surprised myself at how good I was at it, and the coaches were also very impressed with my technique and always asked me to stay and train longer after school to teach me more about the sport. My parents were not happy with me when I told them I wanted to pursue wrestling, they thought it was just a sport for men and they were afraid I would get hurt, but after me insisting more and more, my mother told me that she would let me train for 1 year. I had one year to prove to her that I could be good at this sport and show her how much I loved it. If I didn't get anywhere and show them I could win, I would need to give it up and find something else.  Long story short... when I turned 13, I went to live in another city at the national high-performance center in Mexico City, and the following year at age 14, I competed for the first time internationally. It’s been history ever since!

Career Accomplishments

  • National champion from 2013 to 2020
  • Medalist in central American and Caribbean School Games in 2009 and 2011
  • Pan-American Champion in 2011, 2015, and 2018
  • Pan-American Medalist in 2013 and 2016
  • Central American Campion in Veracruz in 2014
  • 5th place Pan-American Games in Toronto in 2015
  • Junior World Medallist in Brasil 2015
  • International Multimedalist
  • x2 Time 5th place in World Championships in 2018
  • First Mexican woman to win a tournament in Europe
  • First Mexican woman to obtain a Junior World Medal 
  • First Mexican Woman to beat Cuban in a wrestling final

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