How I Got Into Wrestling

I get asked a lot how I got into wrestling. An interviewer once asked me if I had any older brothers who wrestled, not quite. In my family, I am the oldest of three girls. I think having three daughters freaked my dad out. He practiced Jiu-Jitsu since before I was born. My dad signed me and my sisters up for Jiu-Jitsu at a young age, so that we could defend ourselves in the future if need be. I don’t think he knew what these classes would ultimately lead me to later in life. I liked Jiu-Jitsu practice and even did a tournament or two, but soon I found another sport that would steal my heart.

In fifth grade, I was a very talkative and outgoing kid. I would tell anyone who would listen about my Jiu-Jitsu classes. One day, I happened to mention it to my elementary guidance counselor. Thinking back, I am very glad I did. Mr. Macki, the guidance counselor, was also one of the club wrestling coaches. He quickly invited me to a wrestling practice that next week at the high school. I was beyond excited to go and try it. I didn’t know much about wrestling at this age, but that didn’t keep me from being stoked for the next week to roll around.

After school, I asked my mom if I could go. At my age, I was always running and playing football with the boys. I don’t think my parents thought there would be much harm letting me try a wrestling practice, especially since I was only 11.

Stick around for my blog next week to see how my first practice went!Posted  By 

Rachel Watters

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