2017 World Wrestling Cup

The countdown is coming to an end.

Only one more day till the start of the highly anticipated 2017 World Wrestling Cup being held in Kermanshah, Iran. With last weeks draws announcement for pool play, we will see the U.S. team in Pool A alongside Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. Pool B will showcase teams from Turkey, India, Mongolia, and Iran.

Thursday (February 16, 2017) will consist of 3 rounds of group action to determine placement for day two of the 2017 World Cup. Friday (February 17, 2017), we will see the top competitors from Pool A and Pool B cross over to face their competitor in a placement match. Looking forward to seeing who comes out victorious in the championship match, which will be held 5:30 PM standard time that same Friday.

Who will you be rooting for during the 2017 World Wrestling Cup?

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