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The number one factor for headgear is the protection for the head and ears, to subside any major blows that may occur during a wrestling match. When it comes to scholastic and collegiate wrestlers, headgear is mandatory. That is why it is important to choose the best headgear that is right for you.

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Ear cups are typically one-size-fits-all, while the unit as a whole can be adjusted via the straps.


Most headgear comes with anywhere between two and five straps, with the general rule being that more straps will yield a better overall fit. Two-strap models tend to slip and slide far more than four- or five-strap models, which can be highly distracting during a match.


Soft shell ear cups made from rubber, cloth, or polymer are great for youth wrestling because of comfort and the lower risk of injury to opponents. Hard shell ear cups made from plastic or similar compounds are lightweight and durable, but may not be allowed in some competitions.

When you are thinking about purchasing new headgear, consider the gel cushioning, forehead protection pads, impact dissipation systems, quick-fit strapping systems, and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Check out MyHOUSE Sports Gear comfortable form-fitting headgear in a wide range of colors. Not only does MyHOUSE Head Gear have a sleek breathable cushioned ear shell cups, but you’re also guaranteed that you headgear will stay in place with its innovative top crossed head straps.

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